Lifelong dream come true! To have your hand raised as the victor in the middle of the ring surrounded by your friends and family and a huge crowd of spectators is a feeling second to none. Always fancied myself as a bit of a boxer, don't have the time for an amateur career and left it far too late to go pro (lol) this is the perfect setup for someone to get involved in the sport. The training is hard work which is just what you need but the lads ease you into it. As long as your willing to put the effort in and drop a few bad habits the 8 weeks is ample time to get in shape for the 2 minute rounds. The trainers keep a watchful eye on the sparring to make sure no one gets too carried away and are careful about who your matched up with. Fight night itself is well organised and alot of fun, your own choice of walk in music is a good touch and draws quite a crowd. Would recommend anyone to have a go. (If you think your hard enough) - Mark Hayes

This is a great opportunity to have a break from the normal 9-5 and do ur bit for charity. 8 weeks of free training is hard work but in the end you can see and feel the difference, all the lads have lost wight and are looking fitter then ever before. The bond and respect you have with the other lads is amazing. There's something about training together and hitting each other that brings u closer. I would recommend it to anyone big or small. Just do it what's the worst that could happen? Kyle Pickford

Well having made the most outrageous decision to take part in this event I'm so glad I was part of an epic night. People who know me know what I have to deal with 24/7 with having cerebral palsy, so to actually take part and compete then go on and win my fight by points but hey still won! know that my achievement started 8wks ago stepping foot in the gym. I want to thank the guys at training Liam Colin and Craig and to all the competitors competing last night good show guys and well done. I so recommend it to anybody thinking of giving it a go. - Graeme Wikberg

Fought on the last 2 shows unfortunately losing my last one on Saturday but absolutely loved every minute of the experience, run really well and is only gonna get better and better couldn't recommend this enough to everyone, might even sign up for a 3rd time can't retire on a loss right!? - Stephen Molloy

Had an amazing time during the 8 weeks training where it motivated me to stop smoking and get a lot fitter, also meeting a good group of lads in the process. Then theres fight night i cant even explain that it was an amazing night. Will deffo be up for that again and i recommended a few mates to sign up ☺ - Mikey Barwick

Best experience ever! I did the Preston one last night and won! 8 weeks of intense training which will no doubt put you in great shape and ready for the event. Great gym to train at and very friendly people! Made loads of new friends! Would definitely recommend! - Asif Rusty Patel

I could not recommend this to people enough. Having first signed up in November to fight in January I have never looked back. The training and advice given by the coaches, the facilities are all first class. Then there is fight night, wow, what an experience. The nerves, excitement, atmosphere are unrivalled. Never known anything like it and can't imagine doing anything that could compare to it again. Looking forward to watching all future events, carrying on the training and stepping back in the ring one day. - Daz Bottomley

Had our fights last night 100% it was the most amazing thing I never thought I would be able to do. Training was tough but 100% worth it!! What a fantastic night. Met a lot of great people. Thanks to everyone from the organisers to the fighters and especially Dean for putting up with us in the gym! - Leigh Bresnahan

Well run organised events at a great gym with hard/enjoyable and well needed training. Get in shape, while having fun, meeting new friends, raising money for charity, title belts and a former world champion referee. A great experience thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommended - Nathan Bobby Lee

Went to watch the last event in preston and it was an awesome night, now i can't wait to train and be part of the next one - Billy Beaven

Great night and a great thing to do for everyone involved! The training is a high standard and they will do everything they can to help you for fight night! Definitely something to consider doing while you can! - Dan Meadows

Made a lot of new friends, loved the training, and the night it self was an experience never to be forgotten and was a great show - Lee Cross

Easily one of the best nights of my life, met some great people, got fit and won my fight, I will 100% be doing this again! - Leigh Rostron

Met some great people, got some great training and had a great night all while raising money for charity - 10/10 would get thumped again! - Chris Heyes

Just done the Preston event! What an experience and a buzz! Met some top lads along the way too. Would recommend this to anyone - Billy Halliwell

It's been best training iv ever done. Southport star gym is absolute mint. Best experience ever. And winning is sweeter than anything - Wayne Smudger Smith

Absolutely enjoyed this experience. Had a fantastic night and cant wait to sign up again. - Martin Foulds

Been an amazing experience, loved every minute of it. Making good mates in the 8 weeks training, getting a six pack and of course fight night. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Couldn't recommend it enough. - Stuey Aimers

Loved every minute of it. Training, sparring, team spirit amongst the lads. Southport Star gym did us proud and we put on a top show. Every single one of us was a winner! - Gary Pearcy

Class experience well worth doing! Get involved raise some money for charity! - Martyn Brierley

Awesome experience will be doing it again gets you massively fit as well - Tom Walmsley

Absolutely brilliant event great staff and a great night every time - Joe Beaven

Loved the 8weeks got super fit. Also winning helps - Nathan Barkley

Great experience, cracking night, excellent training - Rob Warein