We post live feeds of training on our Facebook page on a regular basis for your family and friends to see you progress and get ready for your big fight night. 

Don’t worry if you only want your support to see you as the finished product on the fight night we will keep the cameras away from you. 

We will post pre match up boxing pictures of you and your opponent facing off on our Facebook page for you to share on your social media and on your request we will live stream your fight on our Facebook page on the night for any guests who can’t make it. 

All fights will be filmed and uploaded onto our WCBE YouTube channel for you to cherish for a lifetime and one day show the grandkids your great achievement. 

We do have area title belt holders so if you do enjoy our experience and fancy challenging a more experienced white collar boxer you can sign back up and participant as many times as you like until your ready to be the man who is challenging for your areas white collar boxing event champion title belt. We have 4 classes for these title belts which is LIGHTWEIGHT, MIDDLEWEIGHT, HEAVYWEIGHT AND SUPERHEAVYWEIGHT.