What will the actual event be like?

All of our events are professionally run and hosted in a big venue to make it the biggest fight of your life

How old do I need to be to fight?

We require all participants to be a minimum age of 18 years old.

What will my training consist of?

You will be put through your paces and will attain a level of personal fitness you may not have felt before. It will be difficult but extremely worthwhile once you are ready to fight in full form.

Where do I get tickets?

If you are a fighter a member of our team will provide you with the tickets you require to sell in order to cover the costs of running the event. This amount is 10 tickets to family and friends otherwise if you are just looking to attend the event you can either buy tickets from one of our fighter or alternatively here for a price of £20.

How will I be matched with my opponent?

After your 8 weeks of training is completed we will match all fighters fairly in accordance to weight, ability etc.

When will I be matched?

All fighters will be weighed in approximately one to two weeks before the event in order to confirm match ups.

How do I get in touch with a representative for advice or info?

Don’t hesitate to contact using the form below 

Safety Info

Safety is priority at all our events. We have full medical assistance on site at every event who carry out medicals for all our fights. Protective head gear, 16oz gloves and groin guards are compulsory to provide safety. Our very experienced referee uses a standing 8 count were 3 standing counts in a round will result in the fight being stopped. The referee also will decide to stop a fight when a boxers safety is being compromised by his opponent.



If any participant wants to take out personal injury insurance this is available from http://nlfa.sport-insure.co.uk/sports-injury-insurance/?gclid=COrk_cqn4M8CFcQV0wodvgcMqQ

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