All participants of our fights are at beginner level and all train together for 8 weeks making sure that they are thoroughly prepared for the event.

Raise money for children in need or for a cause of your choice through sponsorship and do something you’ve always dreamed of.

Our training will help you to become extremely fit and show you the moves you need to get in the ring. They are scheduled to make sure you are in the best shape you have ever been, making you feel great!

Once your training is complete you will be matched with your opponent based on fitness, ability, weight and age from your training group to make sure it’s a fair fight!

We require all participants to sell 10 tickets to family and friends to cover our event costs, allowing us to grow and continue with future events.

Safety comes first at all our events. We provide 16oz gloves and head guards to ensure a safe fight and have fully registered medical staff on hand at every event.

  • Your free 8 weeks training program will consist of two training sessions per week. 
  • All coaches are very experienced boxing coaches and will help you learn boxing moves that you will require to participate on the event.
  • There will be some a lot better than others but don’t worry we do match ups by weight, experience and ability to ensure a fair fight. 
  • We get plenty of complete beginners and no experience is needed to get you a fair match up.
  • Training is usually held at 8-9pm so everyone has time to finish work and get to training on time.
  • All the gyms hold optional further sessions and one to one training if you want them or you can simply go for a jog or do any further fitness yourself in your free time to build up your fitness more for the night. 


We offer nutritional advice for your 8 week training camp and are proudly partnered up with Justprepd that offer well balanced nutritional meals for anyone who wants to take that extra step and eat well for there camp. Meals can be ordered direct off them on there Facebook page for anyone who wants to maintain a well balanced diet throughout there training.


Training Recovery
We have proudly teamed up with SmartFitness Nutrition Store who cater for all your supplements needs to aid your recovery whilst training. They have an excellent range of protein shake recovery products, multi vitamins etc and can tailor make you a package for your training camp. Contact them here to gain your 10% discount when taking part on our event