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White Collar Boxing Events gives you the ultimate event to raise money on for your charity, cause, local sports club or school funding.

We are proud supporters of children in need but welcome all local and national charities to have participants take part. Any sponsorship money you will gain will go to your charity, cause, local sports club or to help school funding.

We can link your page direct to our my donate page which we set out below so we can keep track of your achievement. If you just want to just take part and aren’t doing it to gain for your own charity or cause then we ask you to support the charity we are are proud to support which is Children In Need. We ask every boxer who participates to get sponsored for a minimum of £50 from friends and family for taking part.

We do this through BT’s Mydonate fundraising site. This site is specially chosen as they are a 0% commission site so every penny raised through your sponsorship goes direct to the charity.

You can do this by visiting and registering for a personal charity page. Click on create my challenge, enter “Children In Need” in the search for a charity box. Select “BBC Children In Need” as you chosen charity. Full in your fundraising activity page. Then scroll down to “Do you want to link your page to a fundraising team” select YES and put in reference number: 465887121.

Once this is done you can start sharing your my donate page onto any social media sites you may be a member of and start getting those sponsors.

Yourself and us can keep a track of your progress easily by using this. If you prefer the old way and want to gain your sponsors through sponsorship forms we will provide you with these and add any sponsorship monies received to the page direct through our white collar boxing events sponsorship money link. You can download more forms if you run out below also. 

Click here to Download Our Children in Need sponsor form.