All participants of our fights are at beginner level and all train together for 8 weeks making sure that they are thoroughly prepared for the event.

Raise money for children in need or for a cause of your choice through sponsorship and do something you’ve always dreamed of.

Our training will help you to become extremely fit and show you the moves you need to get in the ring. They are scheduled to make sure you are in the best shape you have ever been, making you feel great!

Once your training is complete you will be matched with your opponent based on fitness, ability, weight and age from your training group to make sure it’s a fair fight!

We require all participants to sell 10 tickets to family and friends to cover our event costs, allowing us to grow and continue with future events.

Safety comes first at all our events. We provide 16oz gloves and head guards to ensure a safe fight and have fully registered medical staff on hand at every event.

By unticking this box you opt-out of future promotions from WCBE. We are working on some exciting things going forward so you may miss out!